Sales and Marketing is essential

Being successful today is about having a sales-driven organisation. Organisations that are not sales-driven will not survive for long.

You have to know these realities:

  1. Everything starts with marketing and sales
  2. Nothing happens until someone sells something
  3. No product is so good that it sells itself.

There’s no definitive guide on being or becoming a sales-driven organisation. However, there is a lot of advise and best practice, from different businesses, and you have to learn what works within your business and for you specifically.

You have to learn basic selling skills, basic sales processes, and as you grow your busines, you also have to learn have to hire, train and manage your team.

You need to hire the right people – people who match you, your company and your culture. Otherwise you will fail. And they will fail too.

You need to build an organisation that supports sales and proactively seeks to eliminate obstacles, both internally and externally. And you have to hire, train and manage according to this.

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